The Hand of the Craftsman


Rough sawn timber - Foundation blocks

Sorenmobler has been manufacturing the best quality solid Rimu furniture since 1976. It has a specialist manufacturing facility based in Wanganui, New Zealand where skilled trades persons transform the rough sawn timber into beautiful furniture.

Selecting and grading the timber.

Careful attention is taken with the selection and grading of the timber. Moisture content is a key factor for the stability of the timber and every piece of timber processed by Sorenmobler is checked for the correct moisture content. Table tops are hand matched for grain patterns and colour variation. This takes a lot of experience, but the eye matching of the individual boards is what makes each table look seamless across its width.

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Time tested methods.

Traditional constructional techniques are used throughout Sorenmobler furniture. Time tested methods such as dovetailed drawers, multi-grooved dowel carcass construction, mortise and tennon joints and premium hardware and glues ensure rigidity and longevity.

Sanding and finishing.

Once assembled each furniture piece undergoes a multi-stage finishing process. This includes two - pack sealers and top coats which provide protection and enhance the grain. Careful sanding between coats and hand application of the best Swedish 2 - pack lacquers gives your Sorenmobler piece of furniture a deep rich lustre, a finish that will last for many years to come.


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Two pack lacquer finishes

Rimu is a timber that requires special finishes and finishing procedures. A lot of cheaper furniture on the market today uses single pack Nitrocellulose lacquers and single pack sealers. These do not seal the timber properly resulting in bleed through of the resins which creates an opaque ridge on any gum streaks. Whereas two pack finishes seal off these resins completely, enhance the grain much better and provide a long lasting durable finish.


Furniture enhances your living space & helps create your very own sanctuary. We have a wide range of styles and Collections available from Retailers through-out NZ. Go to your preferred range and click the icon "Find a Retailer" as shown below.

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