Furniture Care


Furniture Care Guidelines

- To keep clean, wipe surfaces with a damp, soft cloth and mild detergent, then dry.
- Do not use furniture polishes that contain silicone.
- Hot or damp items should be placed on coasters to avoid marking. The best rule to follow is: if it's too hot to hold, it's too hot for an unprotected wooden surface.
- Things to avoid on wooden surfaces; nail polish remover, synthetic glues, solvents etc, lemon juice and vinegar.
- Any items left on the surface should be moved regularly to avoid shading (such as lamps etc)
- Be careful to not place furniture items in direct sunlight, on top of under floor heating, next to radiators or air conditioners as this can affect the timber.
- Avoid rocking back on chairs as this will weaken the chair joints.
- If possible, avoid dragging or sliding heavy furniture across the floor, lift if possible.

About The Timber

Each piece of timber is unique and at Sorenmobler we aim to let this natural beauty show through.

Each piece has a unique grain pattern , colours and characteristics. It is important not to mistake these variations as flaws and no two pieces can be identical.

Timber is porous which means it is a breathing material that adapts to the world around it.

All Timber will move to some degree season to season so it is important to keep rooms well humidified, especially in winter.

Small hairline cracks can occur, this is a normal response to the environment it is in.

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About the Finish

At Sorenmobler we use a few different Finishes depending on the range and look we are trying to achieve.
Our main furniture finish  we use is Tuff Coat;

Tuff Coat

Tuff coat is a world-class clear satin finish. Using the best of Two-pack Acid Catalysed Laquers from Sweden and Australia, Tuff Coat is a multi-stage finish that has the following qualities;
- Grain enhancing
- Protects the timber
- Doesn't show resin streaks as compared to single pot lacquer.
- Moisture and Heat resistant and durable. We still recommend to use coasters and placements when placing hot items onto your furniture.

Water Base Finish

Sorenmobler use a water base finish on a number of our new product ranges and colours


Sanding and finishing.

Once assembled each furniture piece undergoes a multi-stage finishing process. This includes two - pack sealers and top coats which provide protection and enhance the grain. Careful sanding between coats and hand application of the best Swedish 2 - pack lacquers gives your Sorenmobler piece of furniture a deep rich lustre, a finish that will last for many years to come.


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Two pack lacquer finishes

Rimu is a timber that requires special finishes and finishing procedures. A lot of cheaper furniture on the market today uses single pack Nitrocellulose lacquers and single pack sealers. These do not seal the timber properly resulting in bleed through of the resins which creates an opaque ridge on any gum streaks. Whereas two pack finishes seal off these resins completely, enhance the grain much better and provide a long lasting durable finish.


Furniture enhances your living space & helps create your very own sanctuary. We have a wide range of styles and Collections available from Retailers through-out NZ. Go to your preferred range and click the icon "Find a Retailer" as shown below.

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