Sustainable Native Timber

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Genuine New Zealand Rimu.

New Zealand Rimu is only available from New Zealand forests. It should not be confused with Pacific Rimu which is a totally different species. This is often called Rimu and sold as such but is a much inferior and less decorative timber.

The milling of the beautiful timber is strictly controlled by the Ministry for Primary Industry. The law states that milling needs to be "Management of an area of indigenous forest land in such a way that maintains the ability of the forest growing on that land to continue to provide a full range of amenities in perpetuity while retaining the forests natural values"

All timber used by Sorenmobler is extracted under MPI plans and permits.

Helicopter extraction - minimal impact.

Sorenmobler are fully committed to maintaining and upholding this legislation and use helicopter extraction and often milling with portable sawmills to minimise the impact on the forest ecosystems. Re-planting is also necessary where Rimu trees are not naturally re-generating. Rimu is a slow growing tree native only to New Zealand and has an estimated life cycle of around 250 years.

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Milling the timber.

Rimu trees grow to a substantial size over the period of the life cycle and milling them requires experience and care. While often using smaller portable mills there are also a few standard head rig type sawmills still operating which can utilise the bests grades and cuts to maximise the recovery of quality timber from the log. Typically premium grade recovery from good quality logs is around 60%.

Air drying and kiln drying.

Careful seasoning of this premium timber is critical to the stability and machinability of this wood. Slow air drying followed by careful kiln drying in low temperature, humidity controlled kilns is essential. This prepares the timber for further processing and avoids downgrade for cracking and internal splitting. It is now ready to be processed through Sorenmobler's specialist manufacturing facility in Wanganui.

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The best of NZ Rimu from Sorenmobler

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