From the North Island Plateau

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Fallen 50 years ago.

Recovery is the name Sorenmobler give to Native Totara Furniture made from logs that are salvaged from the remnants of native forests in the central North Island plateau. What was remaining of these forests 40 or 50 years ago was clear felled to make way for the planting of Radiata Pine forests. Now, 50 years on, this land is being cleared and converted to dairy production. In the process many old logs of both Matai and Totara are being recovered.

Ecological recovery of fallen forests.

Large Totara trees are susceptible to a disease known as Kaikaka. This attacks the heartwood of the living tree causing numerous holes or pockets. Once kiln dried this is totally inactive, but when milled and made into furniture gives an awesome feature and character to this rich grained reddish timber. Features are filled with a black resin which highlights the feature while making it more usable.

A rugged, simple design, Recovery Totara is built to last in a classic Rustic Contemporary style.

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Matai from the ground.

Matai is another timber Sorenmobler are recovering from the central North Island plateau. Well known for its durability for flooring, Matai makes beautiful furniture. The Kinloch Collection is made totally from Recovered Matai that incorporates features and imperfections caused by insects active in the living tree. These trees dead for 50years, recovered, milled and kiln dried, the insects are long gone leaving a rustic, even grained timber. Crafted into furniture and lightly stained, The Kinloch Collection is finished by a unique hand-planning process coated with durable two pack lacquer..

Remarkable furniture from Remarkable timbers.

Totara Hall Table
Matai Table


Furniture enhances your living space & helps create your very own sanctuary. We have a wide range of styles and Collections available from Retailers through-out NZ. Go to your preferred range and click the icon "Find a Retailer" as shown below.

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