The Design Process



All of our ranges are all designed to fit in and beyond seasonal style changes.
A new range is always well-considered, allowing it to withstand changing tastes, decor, and seasons in you, the owner’s, life.


the inspiration

Like all creating, ideas come from many sources. They come from listening to our retailers, following the trends we see in overseas furniture, or sometimes one of those thoughts at appear at 3am in the morning and just won’t shift! We share ideas as a team, and check in with each other. Only the best ideas get to the next stage.

the brainstorm

Over the next few months we collect inspiration to develop the idea. We’ll cover a wall with it, including overseas design (furniture, interiors), ideas from nature, anything that sparks our thinking into defining what it will look like. It may be a single handle, or the shape of a corner. No idea is a bad idea, but some definitely shine out and clarify our thinking.


IMG 20170922 114223-78

the drawing

Once we’ve inspired ourselves we’ll sketch it out on paper, noting the detailing that makes our Sorenmobler furniture stand out. A slight curve at the edge, a groove in a panel, a seamless finish of a door. At this point it becomes something uniquely ours.


the prototype

Once the design is on paper, we create our model/ prototype in wood. What works as a 2d design doesn’t always translate into perfection once worked in real wood. We work our craft to create and adapt the design so it not only looks right, but is beautifully engineered. We ensure the perfect marriage of form and function work in harmony so it looks good, works best, and works from every perspective.

20190828- MB68044-600
20190828- MB67885-Edit-850

the pattern

Once the wood has helped us shape our design, we properly draw it up,  and then create the patterns that will allow our team of experienced furniture makers to make each piece to our exceptional standards every time.


Timbers, colours, sizes, and styles to suite your taste.


Riviera Table



Furniture enhances your living space & helps create your very own sanctuary. We have a wide range of styles and Collections available from Retailers through-out NZ. Go to your preferred range and click the icon "Find a Retailer" as shown below.

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